signing of credit insurance agreement
signing of invoice finance agreement

Unlock business finance through Credit Insurance

Credit Insurance brings two major benefits to your business: Protection and growth. Whilst the first is generally why businesses take out a policy, insuring your balance sheet from non-payment essentially guarantees your bottom line and makes you more
credit-worthy. This gives you greater borrowing power with lenders. Not only are they more likely to increase your credit lines and up the amount they are willing to lend, you could access better rates and terms.

Protecting your turnover puts you in a stronger position with lenders.

If you’ve been looking to invest in your business, or use funding to facilitate growth we can connect you to a trusted partner, who can talk you through your funding options:

Invoice Finance

Use your sales ledger as an 'asset' that you can borrow against.

Never miss an opportunity to buy or secure a property. This short-term loan gives you the breathing space to arrange longer term funding or sell your property.

Asset Finance

Buy or lease new equipment without the upfront costs.

It's a sensible way of accessing funds for the purchase or leasing of equipment, machinery or vehicles for your business.

Bridging Loans

A short term loan that gives you the breathing space to arrange long term funding.

Access the cash that’s tied up in outstanding customer invoices by using your sales ledger as an asset to borrow against.

Trade Finance

Pay suppliers before you've received the cash from the sale.

Unlock the funds you need to fulfil big orders. Trade Finance gives you up to 120 days credit to pay suppliers.

It costs nothing to appoint us. Get in touch to find out how Credit Insurance can protect and grow your business.