Why team up with a broker?

By Richard Welbourne

Here at Avenue we are often asked to explain the benefits of appointing an independent and specialist credit insurance broker to represent companies seeking to access the credit insurance markets.

It is certainly possible for companies to deal directly with a credit insurer but choice is limited; most insurers will only issue policies with a broker in place to manage key interactions with them such as policy wordings, credit limits, adverse event reporting and claims. Clients seeking a direct relationship with their insurer will be left to manage these interactions on their own which can be a challenge for busy clients without the specialist knowledge needed to extract the most value from the insurance policy.

Avenue’s role as a broker is to provide its client with the most suitable advice and this normally means a review of ALL insurer’s offers both at inception and then subsequent renewals. The information gathered during these market reviews can be compared and contrasted and the findings presented in a clear, concise and meaningful way. In our experience, clients place great comfort from the fact the benchmarking carried out by their broker means they have secured the most comprehensive cover at a market competitive cost.

In summary, using Avenue as your broker means:

  • A specialist and independent credit insurance broker to support the policy every step of the way
  • A dedicated and experienced Account Manager by your side to provide you with advice, guidance and policy performance at regular intervals throughout the life of your policy
  • Access to the very latest market intelligence on pricing, credit risk appetite, insurer customer service standards and credit management practice
    Representation on claims settlements
  • The best chance of maximising credit limit cover under your Policy
    Comfort from knowing we are a regulated business accountable to the Financial Conduct Authority and with adequate Professional Indemnity Cover in place
  • An understanding of the key factors trade financiers consider when reviewing the suitability of a policy to support receivables financing
  • Avenue is a member of the British Insurance Brokers Association and Credea, an international network of independent credit insurance brokers.

For more information about how we can help you to get the best value from your credit insurance policy why not get in touch.as such we have the knowledge and experience to negotiate.